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The legal world is changing for the better. Attorneys are thinking outside the box, and the clerkship/big firm track is no longer everyone’s dream.  Top attorneys want more.

More income. More family time. More freedom.

You can use your JD to get there.

If you are creative, generous, hard-working, and passionate, you are the type of attorney who is ready to help build a new era in the legal profession, using your JD without sacrificing your freedom.

  • You see your JD as an asset, not something that limits your options to those within the traditional legal field.

  • You know you’re more than an attorney. You want to be an entrepreneur and build a business that scales.

  • You want to make an impact.  Beyond your jurisdiction.

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Want to be a six-figure Lawpreneur?  

Beyond the Bar was made just for you.

 Beyond the Bar is a 12-month membership program that helps attorneys build a six-figure business outside of traditional legal practice.

Your experiences, expertise, and personality mean that you have something unique and valuable to offer. Whether you want to design an online course, create a coaching program, or build a digital product, Beyond the Bar has the tools, support, and community needed to get to six-figure freedom quickly.

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The Beyond the Bar philosophy is simple:

Challenge The Status Quo. Create Your Commodity. Compound Your Impact.

In order to build a six-figure business outside of law, you need to…

… be willing to challenge the traditional attorney path

…create a commodity that can be leveraged to make serious money without working around the clock

…broaden your reach to shatter the ceiling on your income and make an impact in the lives of others

 Why this Program?

We’re not here to sell you on Beyond the Bar.  You make business decisions all day long in your work, and we know that joining a group program is just a cost-benefit analysis.  ‘How much money and time will this take, and how much time and money will I get back?”

So let’s break it down:

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Here’s what it’s going to take:

  • Your total commitment. Building a scalable business that earns more money while buying you freedom is no small feat.  We’ve done it, and it takes laser focus and a commitment to doing the things you’re scared to do.

  • A time investment.  You have to put in the hours up front to get your business to a point where you’re not working night and day. You work hard once and then get rewarded with free time, money, and impact.

  • A financial investment. We aren’t going to hide it, this program is not cheap, but it’s a steal when compared to how long and how hard you will work to build a $300,000 - $500,000 business without it.

Here’s what you’re going to get out of it:

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  • How to do it. How to build a six-figure business using your JD and your legal experience.

  • An accelerated path. With weekly deadlines, calls, and hands-on support from our team. We review your materials and give you feedback on everything from your ideas, to your marketing, your launch story, your ads, so you know with confidence that your material is ready to launch.

  • Focus on where you should be investing your time, money, and energy to build a six-figure business FAST. We’re talking about a $100K business in three months. We know it’s possible because we’ve done it.

  • One-on-one guidance from our team. You are not doing this alone. You are working with two Lawpreneurs who have done it and are willing to share exactly how to get there.  


If that doesn’t feel like a fit, no problem. If you think the benefits are worth the investment, keep reading.

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Because we anticipate getting hundreds of applications for just a few spots, we want to be very clear who this program is for.

Please apply if:  

  • You have been thinking about building a program outside of your law practice for a long time, and you need a program with other attorneys who are as serious as you are. No flakes, no want-repreneurs, no BS.  This is the real deal.

  • You are willing to invest time, money, and mental toughness in the development of your business.  We can help you figure out what to invest in, but you have to be willing to spend.

  • You want to get to $300K-$500 (or beyond!) in revenue but you don’t have a clear plan of how to do that.

  • You are willing to dig deep, be vulnerable, think critically, support others, and share your challenges, wins, and experiences.

Please don’t apply if:

  • You aren’t ready to work hard, self-reflect, and keep an open mind.

  • You have been in other masterminds and haven’t made the time to do the work, show up for calls, or interact with other participants.

  • You’re a hobbyist.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but this program is for attorneys who are ready to go big or go home.

Meet the Creators of Beyond The Bar

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Jessi Patton

I'm an attorney-entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia.  I built my own law practice at the age of 28 and in less than two years, I was able to grow my solo practice to one of Atlanta’s most respected law firms. But within all of the success, something was missing. I wanted a scalable business that could grow beyond my licensed jurisdiction. I wanted more freedom, less stress, and more time outside the office to do the things I love.  By creating Juris Diction, I was able to do all three within three months and I am so excited to help you do the same. 

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Megan Wakefield

I am a passionate problem-solver, emotional supporter, and hard-working lawpreneur. I will be your go-to for all things language and logistics. I am obsessed with getting the message right to help you share your vision and ideas with your ideal clients. As one of your Beyond the Bar coaches, I am always here to talk through a challenge and find creative solutions to tough problems.

Are you ready to get started? If Beyond the Bar sounds right for you, click on the button below to submit an application.